KIRO® Fill

KIRO Fill is an automated compounding device designed to enhance dosing accuracy and optimize operational efficiencies during the production of non-hazardous compounded sterile preparations.


Optimize operational efficiencies during the production of non-hazardous compounded sterile preparations.

Benefits of Grifols KIRO Fill

Patient Safety

  • ISO 5 aseptic compounding environment protects sterility during production of non- hazardous compounded sterile preparations
  • Automation minimizes risk of contamination and increases dosing accuracy
  • Repetitive stress and needle- stick injuries are mitigated
  • Guided and software controlled manual loading and unloading of supplies for enhanced patient safety

Control and Traceability

  • Loading and automated compounding processes are controlled by means of barcode scanning and RFID identification
  • Batch reports automatically generated to ensure traceability through production, including environmental monitoring data
  • Web-based software application accessible from any workstation.

Flexibility and Efficiency

  • Unique design and small footprint facilitate high throughput and optimization of workload, workflow, and staff time while consuming minimal valuable cleanroom space
  • Integrates two automated units working in parallel
  • Accommodation of a large variety of sizes and types of source and final containers
  • Batch and patient-specific compounded sterile preparations
  • Optimized use of medication and left-overs

Regulatory Compliance

  • Compliance with USP and GMP regulations supported by standardizing aseptic procedures, facilitating personnel and process qualification
  • Air flow operation, temperature control, and continuous particle counter to meet GMP requirements
  • Fully serviced during deployment, qualification, and periodic maintenance, including dosing accuracy tests and air flow certifications addressing smoke tests under dynamic conditions for USP <797> compliance
  • KIRO Fill meets electrical safety requirements by being UL listing marked per IEC 61010 and EMC certified per IEC 61326-1

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